Affordable Google AdWords Campaign Setup & Management

No Setup Costs. No Lock-in Contracts. Massive Included Value.

Easy To Understand AdWords Management Pricing

Don't lock your business in for a 6 or 12 month contract for advertising! In business, you need flexibility - that's why our professional Google Advertising campaign management is simply billed on a week to week basis. 

There are no upfront setup costs either. Our aim is to create an advertising campaign that delivers you results for the long term. If we don't deliver results, you are free to leave. Think of us as being your cheapest sales staff!

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First Advertising Campaign:

$49 Per Week

Includes Setup & ongoing optimisation of: Google Search advertising campaigns; Google Display Network advertising campaigns; YouTube Video advertising campaigns; or Google Remarketing campaigns.

adwords management gold coast

Each Additional Advertising Campaign:  

$10 Per Week

Need at advertise multiple services, or different product categories? Simply add an additional campaign for each different service type or product category.

adwords management gold coast

Website Landing Pages:

$10 Per Week Per Page

Includes Landing Page design layouts that are proven successful; pages optimised for PPC advertising (such as AdWords & Facebook advertising) and SEO; image editing; all content & sales copy written for you; and the Landing Page installed to your website domain. 

Next Steps:

adwords management gold coast

After clicking the "Get Started Advertising Now" button, setup your no-contract, nothing upfront billing using our secure Paypal option.

adwords management gold coast

Fill in our online Client Briefing Form, where you can tell us everything we need to know in order to build your campaigns & Landing Pages.

adwords management gold coast

Drafts of your chosen campaigns or Landing Pages will be completed within 7 business days after your Client Briefing Form is submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do the above rates cover?

Our rates include the setup & ongoing management of your Google Advertising campaigns and required website Landing Pages. 

Do the rates include my advertising budget with Google?

They don't - you pay Google separately for your advertising budget. Google accept credit card (or Visa/Mastercard Debit Card) payment only. We assist with setting up your billing account with Google on your behalf if required.

What do you do each week with my campaigns?

Managing an AdWords campaign successfully is time consuming. We perform detailed analysis of your campaigns every single week, and are constantly looking for, and making, adjustments to improve the performance of the campaign, reduce costs, and reduce wasted clicks - so your campaign is always targeted and generating cost effective leads.

How much work do I need to do?

None! Campaigns are completely setup and managed for you. All we ask is that you supply us with the information we need to know in order to build your campaign effectivelyat the start (through our client briefing form). After that, we take care of everything.

How do I know you are actually doing anything in my campaign each week?

AdWords is a completely transparent advertising platform. Every single change we make in your account is logged back to our username, and you can view a report every week showing all of the changes we have made!

How much time do you spend on my campaigns each week?

It depends on the size of your campaigns, and the amount of modifications that need to be performed on a weekly basis. We budget for between 30 to 60 mins per week - however sometimes we need to spend more time than that!

What sort of training and qualifications do you have to manage my campaigns?

On top of almost 20 years of business ownership & sales experience, our team members have up to 10 years of Digital Marketing experience, and we are Google Partner accredited (which means we need to follow Google Best Practices, perform signficant study, and pass yearly Google exams to remain accredited). 

How many clients have you worked with?

We have setup Google advertising campaigns for over 100 clients, primarily based in QLD and NSW. Our results have been stellar - consistently achieving significantly higher results than global standards, and with lower spend and smaller budgets than the global standards.

What kind of budgets do your clients spend with Google?

Our client's advertising budgets with Google range significantly, based on the size of their business, the area they wish to target, and the amount of products or services they wish to advertise. Our smallest clients have advertising budgets with Google of $300 per month - our largest client has an advertising budget with Google of $51,000 per month, and there is everything in between!

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just manage the campaigns myself?

We seriously doubt it. Firstly, you need to know what to look for each week. That takes a pretty serious amount of time and training. Our staff are Google Partner trained, and follow Google Best Practices to ensure your campaigns are optimised properly each week. Our estimate is that it would take you personally 1 to 2 hours every week to successfully manage a small AdWords campaign. If you have that spare time, and are prepared to go through the professional Google AdWords training & education, go for it! For our pricing, we are probably your 'cheapest staff members!'

Can I pause my advertising if I need to?

Yes! Flexibility is one of the best things about Google advertising. Say for instance you are going on holidays and shutting up shop. You can have your advertising campaign paused for that period, or even heavily reduce your budget for the period you will be away/closed.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Easy - simply let us know in writing (an email is fine) that you wish to stop advertising and we will end your campaigns immediately. There is no notice period required.

Why do I need Landing Pages?

This is a question that is hard to answer in a sentence, but here goes! You need to be specifically relevant to the exact service or product that your customer is searching for. Each campaign should be advertising for 1 stype of service, and each campaign should at the very last have it's own Landing Page. So for instance, if you are a lawyer and you are advertising for Family Law, Conveyancing, and Wills & Estate Planning - that's 3 entirely separate services, that require 3 separate campaigns, and 3 separate Landing Pages. For further clarification or questions surrounding Landing Pages, please feel free to Email Us.

How long does it take for my Landing Pages to be built?

We commit to getting your drat Landing Pages completed within 7 days after we receive your Client Briefing Form information. Once you have approved the draft, we commit to having your advertising campaign completed and your Ads running within a further 7 business days.

Ask Us Anything About Google AdWords - Right Now!!

Our local Google AdWords experts are happy to offer advice, assistance, and answer your AdWords related questions. 

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