Are You Struggling To Get Results From AdWords? Want To Get Rid Of Your AdWords Manager, Save Money And Do It Yourself?  

We Come To Your Business And Teach You How To Make AdWords Work With Practical, Easy-To-Understand Training.  

Only $200 Per 90 Minute Face-To-Face Session.  

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Gold Coast AdWords Training From A Local Google Partner Agency.

gold coast adwords training

Real Face To Face Training 

We come to your business and provide practical Google AdWords training that is easy to understand

gold coast adwords training

Training Customised To Your Business 

Each training session is fully customised & relevant to your business & your industry

gold coast adwords training

Short & Sharp 1.5 Hour Training Sessions

Highly engaging & practical training, provided by a local Google AdWords expert

gold coast adwords training

Easy To Understand Content

Our professional trainer provides clear communication & content that is easy to understand.

gold coast adwords training

Learn how to use Google AdWords like a pro! We have experience setting up & managing hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns, and would love to pass our knowledge on to you with our Gold Coast AdWords training sessions. 

Save money - instead of paying ongoing management fees to an advertising agency, we teach you how to setup your campaigns efficiently & successfully. After training, you will:  

  • save money on wasted clicks 
  • save money on AdWords management fees 
  • get better quality visitors to your website 
  • get better quality leads & sales from AdWords 

How much can you save? We recently helped a client save over $18,000 a year in wasted clicks! AdWords campaigns that are not setup & operating properly can be extremely costly. An investment in training can save you lots, whilst increasing the return you get from advertising.

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Gold Coast AdWords Training Inclusions:

Learn how to setup your campaign correctly from the start, and attract the RIGHT website visitors from Google.

Topics Covered:

gold coast adwords training

Keyword Research:

how to use the Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords for your business

gold coast adwords training

Campaign Structure:

how to setup your campaigns using the most efficient and effective structure

gold coast adwords training

Track Conversions:

install & use conversion tracking to determine which keywords/Ads deliver sales & enquiries

gold coast adwords training

Bid Management:

targeting the right cost per click bids for the right keywords in your campaigns

gold coast adwords training

Geographical Targeting:

how to make sure your Ads are appearing in the right locations, and stop them appearing in the wrong locations

gold coast adwords training

Ongoing Analysis & Reports:

the little tweaks you can make to your campaigns from time to time to continually improve performance, & how to setup automatic weekly reports

gold coast adwords training

Negative Keywords:

how to look for the right negative keywords, to block your Ads from showing when they should be

gold coast adwords training

Landing Page Strategy:

how to easily setup your Landing Pages to actually turn the people who click your Ads into leads, enquiries, and sales

Overall Google AdWords Advertising Strategy

One of the most important things to consider when using Google AdWords is your overall strategy: 

  • why are you using AdWords? 
  • who is the target market you want to attract? 
  • what is the end goal of your campaign? 
  • what actions do you want people to take after they see & click your Ads? 

Gold Coast AdWords training helps you create a foolproof strategy that will work for your specific business & industry. Setting up Google AdWords without a proper strategy is an easy way to waste money - but a quality strategy will ensure your AdWords campaigns actually make you money.

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